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Russian military vests

Airsoft Store offers great variety of tactical vests produced in Russia. If you are looking for authentic AK vest, chest rigs or Russian military vest and combat systems you are at the right place. We have dozens of models in different colors in stock every day.

Among the top selling products are lightweight chest rigs Beetle, vests with integrated pouches Rock, loadout systems Tornado-A, tactical vests Tank (absolute bestseller) and surely modern classic of Russian army 6Sh112 (scout-shooter).

All vest are made of durable and robust fabric, high quality garment accessories are used. Stiches are strong and neat. Most of the vests have adjustable size and can fit practically any body. Models are great for airsoft or if you are modelling Russian special forces or army. Many vests have approved themself during Donbass war as they have great value for money.

As we have all items in stock your parcel can be shipped in the shortest possible terms.